Meet Jessica Mustone, Founder of XPOS R:

“As the youngest of six children growing up in Connecticut, I never realized the significance of the bollard in our front yard or the flood light that illuminated the house I spent my childhood in.

My father, who started his company out of our basement, was in the lighting business for fifty years. When his business outgrew the downstairs, he rented office space. On Saturday mornings, I would accompany him to the new office. Sitting at a desk I imagine I worked there with him. As he cleaned up his desk after a long work week, I would straighten up the catalogs and inventory new samples.

Little did I realize, that after all those years of making believe I was his assistant, I would find myself following in his footsteps. Having built a career over 25 years in the lighting industry, he has been my constant mentor. He taught me the value of relationships—both with my clients and the manufacturers I represent.”

Contact Jessica via email or by calling (617) 269-9900.

Jessica Mustone