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Seize The Daylight with Legrand Shading

With Commercial Shading from Legrand, you can design brilliant spaces that foster productivity, reduce energy costs, and meet building sustainability standards.


Interested in learning more about disinfectant lighting solutions?

New disinfectant lighting technology offers a solution that continuously, automatically, and safely kills harmful bacteria and disinfects the air, as well as hard and soft surfaces.​​​

New Product Launches

Whitegoods ProTools 60 Linear

Whitegoods ProTools 60 Linear

ProTools 60 Linear (PTL) is a complete range of high-performance, extremely low-brightness luminaires. The main design objective of PTL is to deliver light to where it is needed, while making the luminaire a minimal visual impact on the space. This is accomplished by removing the bright lens from the ceiling plane and recessing multiple optical variants to deliver high-performance, extremely low-brightness illumination. New surface mount solution options in 6-inch and 12-inch lengths were recently launched to expand this offering and accommodate a wider range of applications.
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Whitegoods ProTools 3-inch Downlights

ProTools 3-inch Downlights (PTD3) is a flexible and adaptable range of professional lighting tools that utilizes the form factor of LED to reduce visual impact. PTD3 was created to expand the existing 4-inch downlight family and give lighting designers even more options and flexibility. This new range can meet the demands of all spaces within a project, from the simplest to the most complex.
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Linea Light Orma

Orma is a compact and shallow family of round LED in-grades suitable to illuminate outdoor architectural elements such as facades and columns, as well as landscape and pathway lighting. The overall depth of roughly 3″ including the housing, makes it one of the most compact fixtures on the market.
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Linea Light Rubber

Rubber is a broad family of flexible light fixtures created to resolve even the most challenging architectural details and applications (columns, curved walls), both indoor and outdoor. Rubber is available in multiple solutions; from a 3D version with a diffused output that bends in every direction, to 2D and 2D Mini (only 0.2" wide) options that bend sideways, to get to the unique 3D Optic.
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Sattler Avveni

Avveni is an aluminum pendant available in a variety of configurations from one to eighteen light heads. A magnetic hinge system allows each light head to be removed and adjusted as needed. Light heads are available in flood or spot versions and the cable suspensions are adjustable.
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Habitat IP44 Fil

Fil is an outdoor solar-powered luminaire covered with weatherproof, UV-resistant fabric that emanates brightness in a very pleasant way. This Bauhaus-inspired luminaire is available in heights of 19 and 28 inches.
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