XPOS R is dedicated to providing outstanding architectural lighting products and unique solutions to the design community.

Seize The Daylight with Legrand Shading

With Commercial Shading from Legrand, you can design brilliant spaces that foster productivity, reduce energy costs, and meet building sustainability standards.


Interested in learning more about disinfectant lighting solutions?

New disinfectant lighting technology offers a solution that continuously, automatically, and safely kills harmful bacteria and disinfects the air, as well as hard and soft surfaces.​​​

New Product Launches

I2Systems i2Cove

I2Systems i2Cove™

DEVELOPED for cove applications, the i2Cove has a shallow profile, that delivers symmetrical, uniform, and shadow-free lighting for direct and indirect interior installations.
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I2Systems Compose

I2Systems Compose®

SMALL FORM FACTOR, HIGH PERFORMANCE COVE SYSTEM. Compose® is an intelligently designed system developed to provide designers with a simple tool that focuses on: FLEXIBLE & BEAUTIFUL INDIRECT lighting that seamlessly blends into the architectural detail.
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The VLINE (Gen 2, Gen 3, & Gen 4) is an ecosystem of small form factor, high performance light engines developed to illuminate Architectural details without disrupting the visual language driving the design.
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I2Systems RUNWAY™

Multiple beams and small form factor. Defining architectural spaces with precision optics.
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RUGGED DESIGN. Developed to operate in the most demanding conditions without compromising performance. CLEAN DISTRIBUTION. Our lens mixing technology allows for a seamless distribution with no striations.
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I2Systems The Warm Dim Collection

DIM TO WARM. Traditional warm glow on dimming. SUNSET TO DIM. Programmed to mimic a warm glowing sunset upon low-level dimming. DIM CANDESCENT. Pre-programmed to match the color and warm dimming of an incandescent bulb. 2700K only.
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