New disinfectant lighting technology offers a solution that continuously, automatically, and safely kills harmful bacteria and disinfects the air, as well as hard and soft surfaces.


Environmental hygiene is the new basic element of safety, which protects the health of the people in their environment.

SanificaAria is the Beghelli solution for continuos air disinfection in the civil sector and tertiary environment, even in the presence of humans. The range of professional disinfecting UV-C devices, which uses the patented uvOxy technology, is designed so it provides efficient treatment and maximum safety.

Indigo-Clean® Technology is a safe environmental disinfection light source integrated into Finelite luminaires. Proven through recently conducted independent laboratory testing, Indigo-Clean Technology kills bacteria, Influenza-A, and SARS-CoV-2* – the virus that causes COVID-19. The 405nm Indigo-Clean germicidal wavelength contains no ultraviolet (UV) and is safe for room occupants and materials.

Every precaution counts in environments where quality of patient care is crucial. Imagine a ubiquitous solution designed to reduce the potential for HAIs in virtually any hospital room by leveraging existing lighting infrastructure.

Lab and clinical testing has shown that Current’s Disinfection products have the ability to significantly reduce pathogens commonly present in hospital environments.

Kenall Indigo-Clean

Kenall’s Indigo-Clean, a continuous disinfection technology, is patented and proven to kill harmful bacteria linked to hospital acquired infections (HAIs). Using a combination of 405nm Indigo and White LEDs, Indigo-Clean emits narrow spectrum light that kills bacteria while providing ambient illumination for the space.

Unlike UV light, Indigo-Clean uses safe, visible light to automatically and continuously kill harmful bacteria in the air, and on hard and soft surfaces.

Many everyday environments can be unintentional breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, including Staph, such as MRSA: healthcare, rehabilitation, correctional and healthcare cleanroom facilities must often go to extreme lengths, often at great cost, to help prevent contamination.

Indigo-Clean is laboratory-tested and integrated into luminaires that combine white, ambient light with 405nm Indigo light to provide continuous visible light disinfection whenever the light is on.

Sterile-Bright™ is a multi-tiered approach to surface and air sterilization using a combination of powerful UV light that directly decomposes pathogens from its radiation and generates significant ozone that acts as a strong sterilizing agent. This combination provides an optimum solution for sterilizing surfaces and air.

The multiple sterilization pathways generated by Sterile-Bright™ combines mutually exclusive and proven disinfection and sanitization modalities for effective non-chemical approach that addresses bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.

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