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LED Solutions for Food, Farming, and Missions to Mars

Hans Spalholz, plant scientist at Current, a Daintree company, has spent his career understanding the impact of different light spectrums on plant morphology and is now helping Current develop and refine its specialist range of horticulture LED solutions to help indoor farmers achieve high-quality, commercially viable yields. He notes, “Even though greenhouses have been around for years, we’ve barely scratched the surface of their potential. Now we also have entrepreneurial growers exploring completely enclosed, shielded farms with no natural light so LED lighting recipes are even more crucial to the success or failure of these crops.”

By growing indoors, in either a greenhouse or controlled environment (CEA) facility, farmers can control the exact length of the growing day—extending it through the night with light from specially-tuned LED solutions. To allow growers enough flexibility to customize their crops, Current has adapted its product range to offer broader recipes that suit a grower’s desire to induce plant compactness or stretching.

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