Beauty Matters by David Trubridge

Filmed at AIA in San Francisco in2019, David Trubridge delivers his much-acclaimed BEAUTY MATTERS talk. David draws on personal experience and research to provides insights on how beauty must be a central component of good design today. David has presented this talk to many audiences across the globe – now it’s your opportunity to experience the world and musings of David Trubridge.

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Inter-lux: Integration, Integration, Integration: The three most important aspects of lighting and how to master them

Inter-lux ‘s AIA CES-approved course, “Integration, Integration, Integration: The three most important aspects of lighting, and how to master them” will broaden your understanding on the fundamentals of lighting integration.

Learning objectives of this course:

  1. An understanding of available options when considering lighting within a space.
  2. To develop through a structured approach, a strategy for delivering light.
  3. To develop a working knowledge of integrated lighting details to support the strategy implementation.
  4. A review of relevant real world examples.

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Kenall: Best Practices in Security/Detention Lighting

Course Number: KOD_BPSDL_19
Credit Earned: 1.0 LU/HSW

This course outlines the process for designing lighting for prisons using best practices, and describes the many functional areas within the prison compound and how they should be illuminated based on security level. Lighting equipment is also described including the important features commonly found on prison lighting equipment.

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Kenall: Treat Your Building As A Patient

Course Number: KOD_TBAP_19
Credit Earned: 1.0 LU/HSW

This presentation will describe the role of the environment in Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s). It will specifically focus on the Operating Room and the concerns unique to that setting. Methods for improving environmental hygiene will be reviewed with attention given to a new class of solution whole room disinfection. The use of this solution in the Operating Room will be presented examining the relevant details between the two primary categories (continuous vs. episodic).

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Kenall: Specifying Luminaires for Environmentally Critical Applications

Course Number: KOD_SLEC_19
Credit Earned: 1.0 LU/HSW

A rapidly increasing number of facilities require lighting fixtures to play an integral role in maintaining the environmental integrity of specific areas. From healthcare and scientific research to Cleanroom and hi tech manufacturing facilities, issues such as EMI, biological and chemical ingress/egress and toxicity must now be considered when specifying luminaries. This presentation will not only discuss the environmental role of luminaries but will also identify standards that ensure luminaries will perform as needed.

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