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Cloud Series Pendant Lighting by David Trubridge Design

Lovingly reimagined for a new decade and an increasingly environmentally conscious global design community, the Clouds Collection marks a return to form for David Trubridge Design. After a two-year hiatus on the market, these beautiful lighting fixtures have been redesigned to eschew plastic components and now utilize natural materials. Available in large and small sizes, they come in the full David Trubridge color range, including Red, Pink, Aqua, Lime, White (1 or 2 sides), Black (1 or 2 sides), Orange, Blue, Natural and Caramel.

Ebb Family Pendant Lighting by David Trubridge Design

Ebb by David Trubridge Design is a family of lighting fixtures recently reconfigured to eliminate plastic components. The new shapes- Swell, Bounce, Roll and Drop- have been added to the collection to provide more design diversity for discerning interior designers and homeowners. Featuring shapes inspired by nature, each product is made out of natural Finnish birch wood.

Tuscan Table

Tuscan Table is the latest venture in a trio of restaurants including Tuscan Bistro in Freeport and Royal River Grill House in Yarmouth.

Each restaurant’s distinctive interior design was created by Nicola’s Home. Well known for her extensive residential design portfolio, Nicola Manganello’s functionally elegant aesthetic is rapidly gaining popularity in commercial spaces throughout southern Maine. Each choice Nicola makes for a space is driven by a desire to create warmth and comfort. Tuscan Table is modern and inviting, anchored by an imposing marble bar. Wood brings warmth. Lighting illuminates without overpowering. Seating is conducive to conversation and relaxation.

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David Trubridge: Coral Pendant Light from New Zealand

David Trubridge: Coral Pendant Light from New Zealand, for your Holiday Home Makeover

Meet the Coral Pendant. These nature-inspired, artisan made bamboo light fixtures cast beautiful shadows. A great idea for a creative holiday gift for the eco-conscious person. Sustainably made in New Zealand by award-winning designer David Trubridge. An instant heirloom- give the gift of a LIGHTtime.

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